2021 - Mag-Filer

2021.1  Initial Print version

2021.3  Test version

2021.4  Preliminary

2021.5  Preliminary -Fixed issue with 1099 NEC preprinted Recipient Address

2021.6  Final - Quickbooks Import Updates

2021.7  Fixed problem with Mag-Filer W2 Predefined Import

2021.8  OH file extension set to lower case, Fixed payer import issue 

2021.9  Adjustment for Quickbooks W-2 Import to capture double last names

2021.10 Fixed issue with 1099MISC Universal form box 14

2021.11 Fixed File lock limit and E-filing large amount of payers. Adjusted font on 1099NEC Payee address.

2021.12 Added 1099-NEC ND State E-file