You’ve probably heard by now that the IRS is making some major changes to the transmitting process for E-Filing this year.  You’re probably wondering “what does this mean to me” and “what do I need to do”?  


The short answer


If your FIRE site TCC was issued before September 26th 2021 you need to apply for a new one.  If you already have your new TCC then you’ve got what’s required for this E-Filing year.  If you need a new TCC then click here to get started on getting a new one.  The IRS says this can take up to 45 days and we’ve already head from clients that have run into issues so consider checking this out soon!


The longer answer


The IRS has drastically reduced the E-Filing requirements threshold from 250 down to 10 payees.   Read all about that here.  This means there are going to be A LOT more people E-Filing this year!  You may recall struggles trying to E-File in the past when the IRS site was down.  We suggest E-Filing as early as you can this year.


You might have already heard something about a new system the IRS has been working on called the “Information Returns Intake System” or IRIS for short.  This is a new system, but it is made of two different parts meant to serve two different types of companies.

  • IRIS Portal – A web site that allows a person to enter and E-File up to 100 payees.  This is for all the companies that have never had to E-File before but need a solution for filing a few Payees under the new paper filing reduction. Since you’re getting this email from us this probably isn’t you.
  • IRIS Application to Application (A2A) interface – This is for software like MAG-FILER and allows for bulk E-Filing of thousands of payees.  This is similar the FIRE site you’re used to but instead of you having to manually upload your E-File MAG-FILER can upload it for you!  More details on this will be coming.


The new IRIS system is still a work in progress and as such there are some caveats.

  • It requires a different TCC than the one you have for the FIRE site.
  • It only supports the core 1099 forms.  If you E-File W-2G or 1042-S forms you need to stick with the FIRE site for now.


We’ll be letting you know more about how MAG-FILER will work with the new IRIS system soon and if you think you might want to give it a try then you’ll need to get your new TCC for IRIS.   Click here to get started on that BUT be sure and get your TCC for the FIRE site too!

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