Moving Mag-Filer


Find the database

If you have access to the previous install of the program you can use it to tell you where you’re the database it is using is located. Otherwise you will need to search for magdata(year).mdb. For example magdata2018.mdb.


Mag-Filer 2018 - Present

Select the Utilities tab

Click “Show Database Name”

Mag-Filer 2017 and Prior

Select the Utilities menu

Click “Data Folder”








Install Mag-Filer

Previous years 2015 to present can be downloaded from our website. For prior years older than that or for install pass codes contact support at

Install Mag-Filer on the new work station or server.



Copy the database to the new workstation or server

Once you have installed the program replace the new magdata(year).mdb with the database copied from the original machine. Or you can put the copied database in a location of your choosing and point the program to it.  (See Below)

Mag-Filer 2018-Present

Choose the utilities tab

Click “Select Database”

Choose “Select Database”   



Mag-Filer 2017 and Prior

Choose the file menu  

Click “Select Database”






More help can be found on our website: