This checklist is a general outline of the steps required in order to successfully prepare your tax data for the IRS and SSA. Click the links for more information on each step.

1. Register Early - Once a transmitter with a TCC# or UserID is approved to file electronically, it is not necessary to reapply.

          IRS- 1099 Registration - An IRS Transmitter Control Code (TCC#) is required. To apply, submit Form 4419

          IRS-1042S Registration - A different Transmitter Control Code (TTC#) to file 1042S. To apply, submit Form 4419

            SSA- W-2 Registration - A UserID is required. To apply for a UserID and register

   2.    Install MAG-FILER (Video) 

   3.    Enter Payer (Company) and Payee (Recipient) Information (Video)

   4.    Enter or Import Payee Information

  • Enter Payee Information (Video)
  • New Import (Video)
  • QuickBooks W2 Import (Video)
  • QuickBooks 1099 Import (Video)
  • MAG-FILER Previous Year’s Data Import (Video)
  • McKesson, Flexi, CMI, EDS, and other set up Imports - See Importing Data into MAG-FILER, starting at step 15.  

   5.    Print Verification Reports (Video)

   6.    Print Forms (Optional) (Video)

   8. Create E-File  (Video)

   9.    Upload Your Data to the IRS (Video)/SSA(Video)

    10.    Verify the Upload was Successful IRS /SSA

     Validate the file name and size provided by the IRS or SSA upload status against the file     name and size shown on the Summary of Information Returns. If they don’t match, your file     was NOT submitted successfully. You may also want to view the submitted file and the E-Filing Log (Select Review Previous Filings under the E-file menu). Always check the IRS or SSA site for an IRS Good Status or a SSA Complete status.

     11.    Relax! You have successfully completed the process for filing your information returns.